Thursday, January 14, 2010

A taste of my high school experience

Posted in conjunction with my Facebook flashback photo...

For my original, text-intensive, query-driven trip down the high school memory lane, read this. For a casual, visual introduction, scroll on down. (Be sure to check out the hovertext on these photos.)

Yawn! Another morning getting ready for a long day of school. Preparation for class was important.

As Sarah Palin might say, "Drill, Baby, drill!" Look out! That one guy has a sword! Nota Bene: Never bring a sword to a gunfight. Lucky for him, they didn't usually issue us ammunition. Not usually.

Pretty sure this is from Junior year (probably taken Spring - '65, right around when Ronnie was busy being born). I'm on the far right, standing next to the coach. (Yes, we had a lay [That's the Catholic version of "civilian."] coach instead of just having one of the priests assigned as the nominal coach. The Jesuits like to win, so they don't skimp or stand on dogma when it comes to competing.) Team captain is the guy in the center who's too special to wear his warmup jacket. (Which I still have, BTW. MJ has worn it a coupla times.) The two in uniform are our equipment managers.

Apologies to Dr. Julian "Sonny" Haro for being in the crease and getting squeezed out of this image. Sonny is on Facebook for anybody who wants to look him up. (wink) I think somebody also got cut off on the right side. Oh well, you get the idea. If you can't spot me on your own, I'm the guy sitting to the left of the crease in the madras jacket and shorts with bare feet. I was always a stylish fella! The Beau Brummel squatting to the right of me in the haute couture hat is my guitar-playing buddy, Mange (Mike Mangiapane to the noncognoscenti). Obviously, this was taken outside of school hours/control. Mostly.

Hey! The notice for the class photo ad (which COST us good money to put in the fuckin' yearbook) specified: Jackets required. It didn't say shit about ties, shirts, or long pants, so I was in compliance.

P.S. The movie "Passing Glory" (There's an interesting narrative at that link or here's the IMDB link) is about the basketball team at my school the year most of these were taken (1965). Well, actually my school's team are the antagonists to St. Augustine's protagonists. It's a movie so it's not all that accurate but it is about actual events. If you're interested in Civil Rights in the South during this time period, you might find it worth watching. Or if you're too young to remember the Jim Crow world, I recommend it for your edification.


  1. Awesome pictures, Frank! Is that Farrell Screen in the gymnastic pic?

  2. Why, yes! That would be Mr. Farrell Screen just to the right of the jacketless team captain. And second from the left is Phil Schoen, of the Schoen funeral home family, who apparently spent some time in jail during the 80s but I don't know any details. And look at us in that class photo, all full of attitude and shit! GRIN!