Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unconscious mutterings

I've never done this meme before so I'll do it now for the fun of it. It's a no-rules meme, which suits my personality.

1.Suitcase :: Preparing to travel, which I love.

2.Exhaust :: Tuned for maximum performance and efficient engine breathing. Grapefruit shooters don't count, except of course, for dumbass points.

3.Olympics :: Shitty tv coverage. Cover the sports not the talking heads and personal stories, you dipshits.

4.Video :: -tape, which is how I still refer to DVDs when we watch movies. Get the videotape of the new StarTrek movie.

5.Cargo:: cult. Highlighting the idiocy of all religious belief.

6.Previously :: viewed. Got me in a video mode with #4.

7.Wild card :: Football playoffs is in my head after the Saints Superbowl victory!

8.Artificial :: intelligence. 'nuff said.

9.Gambling :: A tax on people with bad math skills. Only with my life, never with my money.

10.Exhibition :: game, cuz of the football thing filling my brain. Generally, I'd think art exhibition.

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