Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Serendipitous benefits of getting old

As you may or may not know, I applied to Social Security to start getting my retirement benefits when I hit 62 next month. The process was simple and easy and I'll get my first check in June. Hooray! Here's the serendipity.

Much as I snark about bureaucracy, on this occasion, the Fairy Godmother of Bureaucratic Beneficence stopped by her desk, noticed my paperwork, and took a moment to fulfill her raison d'etre. After my filing was approved, the semi-divine Ms. K. from my local SS office (Gosh! I don't mean that to sound NAZI-ish. Let's change it.) Social Security office sent me an email mentioning oh-so-casually that she noticed that I had children under 18 and that meant that they qualified for benefits, too.

Say what?

I admit that in the research I did about taking SS at 62 vs. 65, I had overlooked or missed seeing information about that. I inquired further. Were there any downsides to filing for the kids for this particular benefit?

Apparently not. Fascinating.

So, I did a phone interview with her on Monday and, as a result, each of the girls will also start getting a monthly check in June. Huzzah! Their checks only last until they're 18, or through the end of their (un)school senior year (before age 19) but still… They can also work and earn about $14K/year without impacting their SS benefits.

Go figure.

And I still find it difficult to believe that I'm old enough for Social Security. Where did the time go? Guess I'd better get off the computer and go have some fun before the SS goons send me to one of Obama's Death Camps.


  1. The serendipitous benefits of putting off parenthood for a couple of decades. Hmm, Gary was 45 when Dan was born -- we could cash in for a year's worth someday.

  2. Ew Old people shirtless!
    Well it's good to know you're enjoying the good life if even a little bit at a time Frank.

  3. Have an awesome birthday!!!! You deserve it, I am sure of it.