Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Home again, home again


Leaving the LIFE is Good Conference was dolorous but with a soupcon of (potential, future) joy, both for the next opportunity to be physically present with our friends and for the ongoing opportunity to contemplate the long weekend that was the conference and all it meant to me.

I have two significant "me" items to report, then I'll catch up on some sleep and think about a new post because...

1. Over the course of this weekend, I accepted in my heart what I already knew in my head: I'm still mostly negative in my intercourse with the outer world. My internals have, indeed, changed in recent times, and I ain't the curmudgeon I used to be but I still tend to post or write publicly about negative things or address the negative aspect of a given topic. My positive, congenial, upbeat posts are the thinnest and stingiest of drizzles of lovely, lemony whiskey sauce on the ponderous mass of posts which constitute the malcontent bread pudding of the majority of my oeuvre. [Is that a mixed metaphor? I mean, there is egg in bread pudding but it's not really the same as "oeuvre" which has a fairly exclusive meaning in English. Anyway, to continue my narrative...] That's not a ratio I enjoy. I prefer a much higher proportion of actual whiskey sauce on my actual bread pudding, therefore I desire the same analogous condition for my blog. As I get the time, look for a new post by me which is positive, rather than cynical, snarky, and mean-spirited. More whiskey (sauce) for my men! ("Men" as used here is, of course, figurative and collective for all types of humanity in their variegated glory. I am nothing if not inclusive.)

2. My new look is in place. More photos to come but here's a starter:


  1. I love Sabine's face in the top photo! "Whoa!"

  2. What Ginger said. Love you.

  3. Meet the new me. Same as the old me. But different!