Monday, June 21, 2010

Octopodes, a Love Poem

My friend Heather recently did a Facebook post about being at the aquarium and hearing the folks there talk about octopuses when there is a fairly widespread belief in our culture that the plural of octopus is octopi. That's a common misunderstanding from the (incorrect) assumption that octopus is a second declension Latin word. In reality, it is Greek and the correct plural is octopodes, with octopuses being acceptable, and octopi is a hypercorrection. [That means it's wrong!]

The discussion on Heather's post prompted me to start this little game/poem. Join in if you'd like, by adding your couplet(s), or whatever you feel moved to write, in the comments.

Octopodes, a Love Poem

The people who say octopi
Will also say for you and I.
On accident's in their lexicon
And their baseball-playing child's named Chone(1).
Instead of peak'ed they say peak'd
Which is neither piqued nor peeked.
'twixt your and you're, they're often stuck(2).
They've never sneaked, they've always snuk.
…add your verse(s) in the comments…

1. Chone (pronounced "shawn") Figgins, Seattle Mariner's second baseman.
2. Forget about yore!


  1. Very interested to learn about the octopodes! Is that 3 syllables or 4?

    But, sorry dude, "snuck" is totally a word.


  2. Four syllables, like antipodes. Click the purple octopodes in the post for an audio of its pronunciation.

    "Snuck" is only a word if you speak the oh-so-casual vulgate form of English.

  3. Their they’re is there for all to see
    So is a pea, but not one’s pee

  4. Excellent! Thanks for playing along, Rockin' Robin!

  5. and your rite that they think that their not mistaken
    or that me and her should cook some bacon
    next time she accept's an invitation
    to come to dinner when shes on vacation

  6. Ouch! Thanks for playing, Lyla; that's almost too painful to read! Perfect!