Monday, June 07, 2010

Some photos: Greybeards and Hot Backup Chicks at LiG 2010

A few shots I've filched from friends.

First, lemme start with an exception to the title. This is Chloe and some fellow teens singing with Kimya Dawson! Too cool, huh? Note Chloe's excellent new hair, although it's a bit messy and difficult to see details in this photo. She's the one standing farthest right in the photo.

Ok, now for the title shots. First, a transition from Chloe to Greybeards with a shot of Chloe and me.

Me, me, me, me! With my two-keyboard setup and my perfectly tackylicious mike!

Jeff, with Jon Gold apparently trying for the "money shot."

HBCs: Robin, Shonna, and Ronnie.

Russ in profile beyond the HBCs.

Best shot I have so far of Scotty, mostly hidden behind Jeff. I'm looking for a better one and will post it when I find one. Sorry, Scotty.

And a mashup video courtesy of Craig who generously excluded the worst of the worst of what we did.


  1. Hey, are those the cool boots you had made a hundred years ago??

  2. Why, yes, Steph, those would be my very expensive, self-indulgent boots from those golden days of yesteryear.