Thursday, July 15, 2010

About Me meme

Full Name: Francis Michael Maier (named after my paternal grandfather)
Age: 62
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Green
Piercings: Left ear
Favorite Flower: Wolfsbane, aka aconite, monkshood. Or, perhaps, the one I referenced in my gratitude post the amorphophallus titanum. [Yes, that does mean "huge shapeless dick."]

Tattoos: No
Heritage: Irish and German
Best Personality Label: Ummmn, weird, I guess

Your Fave Stuff
[Frank's note: I hate this type of question. Each of these categories does NOT readily fall into a single favorite type of choice. I will, however, play along for the sake of the meme.]
Song: Big Chief
Artist/Band: Rolling Stones
Celebrity: Jackie Chan
TV Show: The Daily Show
Movie: Zatoichi to Yojimbo
Food: Crawfish bisque
Drink: Coke
Alcoholic Drink: Rum punch or Zombie Princess cocktail.

This or That
McDonald’s or Burger King: BK
Chocolate or Strawberry: Strawberry
Coke or Pepsi: Coke, Pepsi is undrinkable
Singing or Playing Guitar: For my own amusement, both
Summer or Winter: Summer
Football or Basketball: Football is fun (We have season tickets to the Seahawks.), basketball is crap
Last PersonArgued With: Ronnie (wife)
Hugged: Ronnie
Kissed: Ronnie
You Texted: I don't text
Thought About: Ronnie

The Opposite Sex
Hair: Yes. Or no. Either is fine.
Eyes: Preferably, but I'm not eye-ist.
Height: Sure.
Style: Ok, she can have style.
Weight: I hope so. I just don't know if I could hang out with someone who violates the law of gravity.
Personality: Must have one.
Rich/Poor: Depends on how she got rich but I'll go with rich.
Other: She's gotta put the *sex* in "opposite sex."

Best: So many to choose from. Ok, I'll go with our honeymoon: two weeks sailing the Caribbean, just the two of us on a beautiful Nautor Swan sailboat.
Worst: Disneyworld 1996
Future: Space - at least suborbital, preferably orbital, hopefully lunar.

Your RW Friends
Funniest: Jon Gold
Goofiest: Daughter Chloe
Likely to Murder: Anita Paez
To Take Over the World: Heather Burditt
Best House: Mary (Ronnie's mom, who has a house on the beach)
Can Talk To: Bob
Bitchiest: GG (Ronnie's grandmother)
Loudest: Daughter Chloe or cousin Sonya
Smartest: Ronnie

Your FB Friends

Funniest: So many to choose from!
Goofiest: Ditto!
Likely to Stalk: [That I'm likely to stalk or they're likely to be a stalker? I'll go with the latter.] Patrick Lohkamp
To Take Over the World: Heather Burditt
Best Page: Eh, I guess I'll go with the page for: John Caldwell Holt
Best Group: Hasta be the group: Who's awesome? Yes, that's right, Frank Maier is awesome. Now, THAT is a group worth joining!
Most Like You: Hopefully, no one in the entire world would ever hafta be like me.
Most Offensive: Me?
Most Irreverent: Probably Jeff Sabo
Best Looking: Ronnie
Smartest: Ronnie

Have You Ever
Smoked: Only a little dope in the 60s and not much even then. I don't like smoking of any kind. Don't even like campfires. When camping, I'm happy to cook over my little MSR stove then simply commune with the night. Campfires are not part of my gestalt of "camping."
Kissed a Friend’s Girl/Guy: Yep.
Got Completely Drunk: Yep.
Danced in the Rain: Yep. Naked, too.
Watched the Clouds Go By: Yep.

Do You Believe In
Ghosts: No.
Witches: No.
Wizards: No.
Magic: No.
God: No.
Heaven: No.
Hell: No.
The Devil: No.

Football: Like to play, like to watch.
Soccer: No interest.
Gymnastics: Used to enjoy doing it, still enjoy watching it.
Basketball: No interest at all.
Golf: Less than no interest at all.
Hockey: Not much interest.
Tennis: Like to play. Watchng is often boring but sometimes interesting.
Baseball: Like to play, like to watch.
Volleyball: Love to play, like to watch.

RnB: Yep.
Hip Hop: Yep.
Rock: Yep.
Indie: Yep.
Pop: Some.
Heavy Metal: Some.
Folk: Yep.
Classical: Yep.
Other: All except country and Sinatra-type "crooners."

Do You
Shower Daily: Yep.
Brush Your Teeth: Yep.
Wash Your Face: Yep.
Wear Jewelry: Wedding ring, earring, watch.
Deodorant: Old spice. Deodorant, not antiperspirant.
Perfume/Cologne/Aftershave: When called for, I have some cologne called Pi which the girls gave me a while back.


  1. Awesome - loved it! Thanks for humoring me, Frank. These questions were so silly, I just had to pass it on! X-D

    P.S. Ronnie Maier is one hot tamale!


  2. Camille and I chuckled a lot reading this. You *are* um, weird and we love you for it. :)

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