Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy anniversary, Ronnie

Love Is

Enjoying the good times. Persevering through the bad times.
Revelling in the times of joy. Holding on during the times of sorrow.
Refusing to let go when you feel like you just can't hold on one minute more but you tighten your grip anyway. Then you manage to last for another minute. Then another. And another.
Until, like Eos' mist burned away by Apollo's advent, the need to endure evaporates and Sol's bright face warms your gnarled knuckles and returns warmth and light to what was a dark world.
Bright and shining and comforting.
Agape and eros. And storge and philos.
And more. Love is broad and deep and possibly infinite (I think it might be. I choose to believe it is so.), while words are prisons, limiting boxes, coercing and restraining the reality to fit into the mouth of Man.
Not the incidents or events which can be reduced to fact(oid)s, 8/24/90, 9/15/92, 3/11/94, but the underlying fullness which is more than the sum of discrete things.
Twenty years of marriage. An eternity of love.


  1. Lovely! Happy Anniverary you two crazy cats!

  2. That's so beautiful, Frank. Happy anniversary to you both!