Thursday, October 07, 2010

Life imitates art

I have several friends who could joyfully debate this and/or its mirror, art imitates life, for hours on end. Intellectual masturbation at its finest. I wonder if Christine O'Donnell considers that a sin. She probably thinks it's two sins: masturbation and being intellectual. I'd be willing to bet the rent money on which one of those she finds more offensive.

However, I'm not interested in any kind of masturbation just now, thanks. Later on, well, who knows what the future will bring, eh? I have, instead, a specific reason for the title of this post.

In the movie Sister Act there's a scene where some nuns swarm into a bar, select songs on the jukebox, take over the dance floor, and just kinda infest, I mean *invest* the place with a distinctly non-bar vibe. One of the patrons comments, "If this place turns into a nuns' bar, I'm outta here."

Recently, life imitates art in that the familyrun.ning site has been similarly swarmed by a couple of wear-it-on-your-sleeve Christians (Does the phrase "whitened sepulchers" ring any bells?) who misunderstand unschooling as badly as they misunderstand the Koine Greek of their own Bible's New Testament.

I empathize with the emotions of that bar patron and I feel like saying (even though I wouldn't actually do it in reality) in parallel solidarity with him, "If this place turns into a(n inept) Christian apologetics site, I'm outta here."

Oh, and my resolution of any discussion including the concepts life and art is that my life is art!


P.S. On a slightly related note, I'm thinking about doing nanowrimo to help me really break from my obsessive editing/rewriting habit. If I do nanowrimo, I wonder if my result will rise to the level of art. I guess we'll see.

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  1. "my life is art"... love it, Frank! I stopped over to the ning site yesterday but didn't make it through all the posts.. wow