Saturday, December 18, 2010

25 Random Things

Jake Hessel tagged me on Facebook for this. There may be some duplications from similar things I've done before on this blog.

Before you read my revelations, here are the rules:

Once you've been tagged, write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. When you're done, tag 25 people, plus the person who tagged you. To do this as a Facebook note, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions at the beginning, type your 25 random things, and then tag 25 people.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't tag, so we're just ignoring that part of this little exercise. Here are 25 random brainfarts from me.

1. Death is an old friend; I look forward to it, although I’m not in a hurry to get there.

2. I have more friends than I admit to.

3. My best friend lives in New Orleans and I'm in Seattle. I'd like to hang out with him more often. I'd especially like to take a(nother) long sail with him, like maybe taking his boat from New Orleans to the Caribbean. Ahhhhhh!

4. Many of my/our friends are into vegetable gardening and even ranching-type stuff, at least things like having some chickens. I'm a city boy. That stuff creeps me out. CREEPS me out. Vegetables are in the vegetable section at the grocery and meat is in the meat section, in delightful, clean packages, too, not hanging from a hook as a blood-soaked carcass waiting to be butchered. It'll be a cold day in Hell (Dante's ninth level, as always, being the classic exception) before you see me gardening and we'll be scooping up pails of frozen oxygen to melt for our continued ability to breathe before you see me butchering an animal. I'll have a couple of nice, packaged, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, thank you very much, Mr. Meat-counter Guy.

5. Observers tend to view me as brave, adventurous, and outgoing. Internally, I'm actually afraid of everything, especially other people. My chosen response to fear is to face it, therefore, I engage the thing I fear, which looks like "bravery."

6. I'd like to have a source of methaqualone (Quaaludes) so I could take a couple once in a while for fun. That would be my drug of choice over others I enjoy to a lesser extent, although a nicely-aged red wine is pretty good.

7. Belief in any sort of supernatural woo-woo befuddles me. Organized religion is obviously one of the biggies here but I do not exclude any form of magical thinking. Law of Attraction? Please! Gimme a break. Might as well join a cargo cult.

8. I'm a grammar fascist. We all mistype occasionally, me more than occasionally, and we get colloquial when chatting on the 'net. I accept that kinda thing. However, when I see execrable grammar, Greek syntax (or maybe it's Martian), phonics-inspired spelling of words or phrases which the user mispronounces (and therefore spells very strangely), etc., it makes me cringe. Big-time cringe.

10. I want to go into space. Desperately.

11. I went to a military prep school run by the Jesuits and the U. S. Marines, was a National Merit Finalist, and went to college on a NM scholarship. I figured that was better than relying on one for gymnastics, although I was offered a coupla those, too. BTW, the prep school experience sucked bigtime. It's therefore almost inevitable that I've become an atheist and a pacifist.

12. I was such a rockstar in my youth that my band's 45 rpm single sold on eBay for $1685 a coupla years ago. That's right. One copy of a two-sided single for almost $2K. Yowsa! You can find some info about my group here. We're #31 on that list. Or check the "BHD" label on ZombiePrincess for several links.

13. I was the first person in the world to do a double front sommersalt over the vaulting horse in competition in men's gymnastics.

14. I pick at my toenails when I'm distracted and/or focused, sometimes to the point of pulling a nail completely off.

15. When I was growing up in New Orleans, I started doing European fencing with a French master at about age ten. I continued with him and also had other coaches at school. My college coach had been an Olympic gold medalist in saber. When I moved to Seattle, there was only one master in the entire metro area. I continued fencing off and on but I was attracted to kendo (and iaido) because there are a lot of kendo/iaido dojos in the Seattle area, probably more than a dozen. So, nowadays I do kendo and iaido. If swordplay ever comes back into vogue, I'm gonna be a BAAAAAD motherfucker.

16. I had to edit that introductory paragraph; I just couldn't leave it in its original state.

17. I'm a SCUBA Divemaster, a sailor, and a pilot. I can piss money away underwater, on the sea, or in the sky! I desperately want to go into space (See #10), preferably in a Burt Rutan-designed craft, so I can add "space" or "vacuum" to my list of places where I can waste money.

18. I used to dislike myself. I've gotten better about that.

19. Some people think I'm stuck-up because I'm often quiet and withdrawn. That's actually because I'm shy. Once I push past that, or if you bring up a subject I'm fond of, then it's difficult to get me to shut up.

20. I'm really short for an American male.

21. Music is a significant part of my life. I need a soundtrack to my personal movie.

22. I’ve never lost my childhood sense of wonder at the mysterious magnificence of the universe. Sometimes it’s overwhelming enough to make me stand still for a minute just to accept it. I’m incapable of digesting it; but I can get to a place of acceptance.

23. I have historically been a slow writer. I *had* to edit, rewrite, reedit, rewrite many times before I allowed my scribblings to be read by others. If I produced 500 words in a day, that was incredibly prolific. I've recently been trying to overcome that perfectionism and one of my efforts was to participate in NaNoWriMo 2010. I produced over 17,000 words and did not edit/rewrite any of it. That didn't make the NaNo threshold of 50K words but it was damned impressive for me. I intend to finish that novel.

24. I don't drink coffee. I don't drink beer. I like Ovaltine. I like lemonade-tea. I'm addicted to Coke (the carbonated beverage not the drug).

25. Ronnie, MJ, and Chloe amaze me.

No tag. You're not it. Unless you wanna be…


  1. i love that you don't tag. with the one exception i made today, i don't either. and i like your random-ness. cool reflections of pieces of you.

    (i also like that your blog doesn't require me to remember and/or log into some other email or journal name that i rarely use and have to try to remember.)

  2. #23 - Oh good! I'd been meaning to check in with you about that - I was wondering how you were feeling about your NaNoWriMo accomplishment and if you had plans to finish your story. I'm very happy to hear positives on both fronts!

  3. -=-13. I was the first person in the world to do a double front sommersalt over the vaulting horse in competition in men's gymnastics.-=-

    Did you mean to?


  4. Frank i love you more now buddy :)

  5. Lynelle, randomness suits me. I am a stochastic entity.

    Kelly, I got busy with external things toward the end of November, otherwise I'm confident I would have broken 20K. I did enjoy the process and I still like my story, so I will keep working on it in NaNo fashion - no editing and no rewriting until it's complete.

    Sandra, sometimes that trick became a 1-1/2 instead of a double. Those were not on purpose. And not fun!

    Cindy, one of these days we gonna meet you, your hubby, and those two kids IRL! Preferably someplace tropical!