Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2010-2011

Happy New Year!

2010 featured a lot of wonderful events and feelings but now it's time to look forward to the future. Things we already have scheduled:

January - New Orleans trip for my sister Judy's wedding. Visiting with family and friends, reconnecting with old friends, and eating.
February - Greybeards get-together. Music!
March - Chloe turns 17. Party!
April - I turn, ummmnnn, waitaminit, lemme do the math... 63!
May - Ronnie turns 46. What a PYT she is! She's the best ever! LIFE is Good conference! Sister Judy and her husband, Gary, plus brother Chuck and his wife, Karen, visit Seattle.
June - Sailing and SCUBA in the Virgin Islands with "the guys" while Ronnie keeps the home fires burning. I told you she's the best ever!
July - Annual 4th of July at the Priest Point Beach Club featuring the Priest Point Pirates! Aaarrrrggghhh!
August - Hopefully another trip to New Orleans for my sister Chrissy's wedding.
September - Partying in San Diego at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. MJ's 19th birthday! Wow! Ronnie must be getting old!
October - Halloween, toujours Halloween.
November - Thanksgiving, of course.
December - Christmas!

That's what we have hardcoded into the schedule so far. Hope you're looking forward to a fun and fabulous year yourself.


  1. I didn't know you were old enough to be Ronnie's irresponsible teenaged father.

  2. I believe the term "cradle robber" applies. Ha!