Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK 2011

Today I'm motivated to express reason #735 why I dislike Ron Paul's sociopolitical positions. [I'm not even gonna touch on Rand Paul and his stated opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.]

Ron Paul says he's not racist cuz he just wants a "level playing field" for all. Disingenuous at best. I'm old enough, and I know he's old enough, to remember segregated water fountains, etc. He says a collectivist mindset and the government are at the heart of racism and the government is ill-suited to combat bigotry.

I call "bullshit." This is just another example of his John Birch position that socialism is responsible for everything evil in the world and anarchocapitalism would bring us Utopia, like in Somalia. Racism, antipathy to the other, has been with us at least since we've been Homo sapiens sapiens, and probably longer. Blaming it on a "collectivist mindset" is idiotic.

Laws have never been intended to effect a change in peoples' hearts; they're meant to effect changes in behavior, whether it's a law against stealing others' property or a law against refusing to serve people because of their skin color. Therefore, laws are required to combat (acts of) racism. Governments pass laws. Therefore, the government is the PERFECT way to combat racism. QED.


  1. Absolutely. I do agree with Ron Paul on a few issues (primarily the wars, including the drug war) and I respect him for being one of the few Republicans who doesn't toe the party line, but he's wrong about this - and lots of other things. And his son? Shudder...

  2. Exactly. There are a number of discrete issues on which Ron Paul and I intersect (agree); but he comes from a weltanschauung which is unrealistic and, at its core, anti-human. John Birchers meet my definition of evil.

  3. There are lots of definitions of evil and most idealists are that. It is all too easy to get tunnel vision. You can do it with just about anything and then make all decisions meet the ideal of choice. Love is probably the quintessential example... it means so many different things to people and it can be said to mean almost anything people like. The nature of words is that they can seem to require that one live by them and eat them in their black and white version.

    The Pauls and Birchers are appalling examples.

    I can be an appalling example if I want to be.

    Collectivist. Is that like communist? Or democrat? That's prolly why Ron Paul is a Republican. But Ron Paul is himself a collective... a powerful and influential one. So I call more bullshit on ridged coherence to Birch rhetoric when it comes to Ron Paul et al. Ha. He can't do it!

    We have longer to go to make our increasingly fast changing lives better, to make conglomerates (of which Ron Paul is one) more accountable, and to create a way to peace through better behavior. Since the days of Civil Rights being made law in 1964 (the year of my birth .. cool!) behavior between ethnic groups has gotten better. Because of that I can see that with passing of Immigration and things like the Dream Act, things will get even better just like they can improve with the repeal of DADT.