Thursday, February 24, 2011

LIFE is Good Dads' Panel 2011

At unschooling conventions, dads get their very own private time to kick things around without needing to filter their comments to propitiate a possibly-wary audience. This exclusive boys' club is called SSUDs, the Secret Society of Unschooling Dads, and a SSUDs meeting can be a boon for those guys who maybe feel like they're getting the emotional version of a swirly and don't quite know what to think or do about all this unschooling stuff their family is up to. This is a good thing cuz one of the notable exemplars of sexual dimorphism in humans is that the males are generally not real big on sharing their feelings and it's nice to have an opportunity to do so. And sometimes they maybe even get some useful, practical, male-type advice in return.

Because men tend not to share, other types of humans are invariably curious about what and how they think. Therefore, Mary Gold, the Conference Diva herself, has scheduled a Dads' Panel for LIFE is Good 2011. We did one in 2010 and I think it was helpful to a lotta people. This panel will feature several dads who are willing to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions with others. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend and ask these dads whatever they want, whether it's a philosophical inquiry concerning the unwritten De Rerum Natura of the essence of dadness or a question as to why men like to watch football on tv when they could, instead, be enjoying the pleasures of gardening. (Ooooh, I have a ready-made answer for that one! See #4 here.)

Here's the writeup from the LiG website:

Do you have a burning question for the dads among us? Do you wonder what goes on in the male psyche when the subject of unschooling is the topic under discussion? Have you been curious about what goes down in those SSUDs meetings besides beer and strippers? Here’s your chance to visit that undiscovered country called What Goes On in Dads’ Heads. Join a panel of unschooling dads for a Q&A session. Discover their challenges and inspirations as they answer your questions and share a glimpse into the XY perspective. Moderated by Frank Maier. [Ha! That's me!]

EVERYONE is welcome. That's the point of it.

That includes you! Come to LiG 2011 and bring your questions. See ya there.

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