Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's Flashback week on Facebook. FB does some things well and other things poorly. I'm going to gather my week of photos here because it would be difficult to do on FB and it would be difficult to find later if I did manage to do it there.

In terms of flashback week, I've lived in seven decades, actually I'm moving into my eighth; but this is not the Beatles "8 Days a Week," so I have seven photos, one for each day of the week and each of my completed decades. I'll throw in an eighth at the end as lagniappe.

Sunday started with the 40s.

Monday was for the 50s

Tuesday took us to the 60s.

Wednesday led to the 70s. Well, close to the 70s; this is actually from the late 60s.

Thursday brought the 80s.

Friday finished the workweek with the 90s.

Saturday broke the chiliast barrier into the 00s.

And the bonus for the beginning of the 10s.

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  1. Looks to have been a pretty awesome life so far. Here's wishes for many many more decades of great moments to share. :)