Saturday, March 24, 2012

Me, wonderful me, fabulous me

Yet another award. I don't know what I'll do with all the damned things. They just clutter up the place. Oh well, the price of grate-ness weighs heavy on my head and heart. I grate on so many people. It's a gift, and a curse. It's a cursed gift. Or a gifted curse. No, that one doesn't make any sense. Let's settle on a cursed gift. And let's pronounce it old-school, not "curs'd," but "curs'ed." Ok? Excellent. Let's continue. Here are the rules for this award.

#1 is a nonstarter. I don't call out other people.
#2 is the first thing in this post, so this one is done.
#3 is the prolific Shan Jeniah Burton.
#4 follows this list.
#5 is done.
#6 is inapplicable because I didn't comply with #1.

So, here's the response to #4.

1. I don't drink water. I don't drink coffee. I don't drink beer. I don't eat cereal in milk. I'm not fond of salad but I will eat it. Reluctantly. I like lemonade-tea. I like Ovaltine. I like Coke (the carbonated beverage not the drug). I've been known to put gummi bears (actually, Crystal Gummi Savers) in red wine. I'm not proud of it but I'm not completely ashamed. It was pretty tasty as a varietal alcoholic beverage on the fifth (or so) day of an alcohol-fuelled Caribbean sail with my old college buddy Bob.

2. My favorite poem is The Aeneid in Latin. I am poet, a self-conscious, infrequent, odd poet; but a poet nonetheless.
3. I prefer fruit-flavored sugar treats to chocolate and I distinctly prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, which is inedible.
4. I'm a SCUBA Divemaster, a sailor, and a pilot (PP-ASEL). I can piss money away underwater, on the sea, or in the sky! I desperately want to go into space, preferably in a Burt Rutan-designed craft, so I can add "space" or "vacuum" to my list of places where I can waste money.
5. When I was growing up in New Orleans, I started doing European fencing with a French master at about age ten. I continued with him and also had other coaches at school. My college coach had been an Olympic gold medalist in saber. When I moved to Seattle, there was only one master in the entire metro area. I continued fencing off and on but I was attracted to kendo and iaido because there are a lot of kendo/iaido dojos in the Seattle area, and it had always interested me. So, nowadays I have experience with Western fencing and Japanese kendo and iaido. If swordplay ever comes back into vogue, I'm gonna be a BAD motherfucker.
6. For the vast majority of my life, I had one friend. Now, I have many. Unschoolers rock! And they roll, too.
7. Ronnie made me a not-insane person. Believe me, that was quite a feat. MJ and Chloe made me that dad. Thank you all. I love you all so very much.


  1. Frank - you did that as ONLY you could. Am I sorry I outed you? Maybe I should be, but I'm not.

    You are a source of delight in my life, and I am sure many others, too....


  2. I was telling Ronnie and Chloe this afternoon that I really wanted to just have the one sentence with the "grate-ness" quip; but I feared it would be mistaken for a simple typo, so I added the "I grate on so many people." sentence. That feels heavy-handed to me. *I* like that paragraph better without it but I'm afraid the proles need the additional sentence. Perfection is so elusive. (wink)