Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

Ok, I committed. I am signed up for Nano 2012 here. Honestly, I mostly wanna go back to work on the novel I started for the 2010 Nano, my tale of legionary adventure The Lost Century. That's not really how Nano is supposed to work, so I officially have created a new novel for 2012. It derives from an event which I wrote up as a blogpost when my pal Bob finally moved a "Katrina fridge" out of a building he owned. It had been sitting, untouched, for three years after Katrina. That post is here and in it I used the phrase "the last Katrina fridge" which I thought would make a great title for a novel.

I dunno if this new effort from me will be interesting but it will talk about events before, during, and after Katrina, including The Last Katrina Fridge. (wink) Those were certainly interesting times.


  1. Oh, wow. We had to wait a month to get to our our freezer during a flood, but three years. Wow. That does make for an interesting story starter!

    I find it's usually best to just start something new. If the older one still had enough of your attention, you would have already been working on it. Or that's the theory. You can always jump back on that one while you let this NaNoWriMo draft "percolate."
    Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Michelle. I'll start my "fridge" story but I'm really pretty interested to return to my other story. I'll see how it goes.

  3. Did you start last night or this morning? I never have completed a NaNoWriMo, so I hope you have more discipline than me! I have a book I'm working on, so I should just keep plugging aways at that!

    Good luck!!

  4. Sue,

    I'll be working on my new novel today. I expect to abandon that pretty quickly and return to my previous novle. I really would like to make more progress on that.

  5. Start with the previous one then!! At least you're working on your own big project! I'm avoiding mine! I'm commenting on blogs, reading Facebook, starting up new blog posts - and NOT writing on my book!!!
    Go, Frank! At least one of is working in the right direction!
    The punctuation police should really do something about this comment!!!!!!!!!! lol