Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Compleat Music Room

...with apologies to Izaak Walton. (wink)

We've been building toward having an actual complete (or compleat) music room for a while now but we're finally functionally finished, with the addition of the new PA and mixer.

On the North wall, we have (from left to right, which is West to East):

Fender Princeton 65 sitting on an extra speaker cabinet.

Fender Bassman 100 watt amp head sitting on that big cabinet (Both covered in fabulous burgundy snakeskin tolex!) which sports twin JBL D130F 15" speakers. How totally awesome is that? Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, BOOM! (Now I owe apologies to Vachel Lindsay. Where will it end?)

The small box on the very top is my wireless instrument receiver. It sits on

My Sennheiser wireless microphone receiver, which sits on

The powered mixer, which features six inputs (Cool!) and which sits on

A Peavey amp head, which is sometimes useful and sometimes merely an objet d'art.

The Northeast corner has:

PA speaker on the shelf (small tv/stereo surround speaker on top of it)

Yamaha DTXpress electronic drums on the floor, with my electric guitar and djembes obscuring 'em.

The East wall is the slider to the deck and back yard.

The Southeast corner has:

The other PA speaker (with the other small tv/stereo surround speaker on top of it). Not a great photo, leaving the speaker up in the shadows.

The South side has bookshelves flanking a window and my mom's old sewing machine.

The Southwest corner:

Is where my keyboards live.

The West side is the open arch to the livingroom. (Obscured by the roll-out tv cabinet.)

The Northwest corner:

is where the guitars live.

So, there you have it. We are ready to rock and roll!


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