Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Ballad of the Unschooled Parent.

The Ballad of the Unschooled Parent.

Intro F G Amin

Verse 1:
Amin                                       G
They do well in spite
G                                            Amin
of the pressures that we fight.
(repeat chord changes)
Reading we won't expedite,
Yet they'll be erudite.

Verse 2:
Don’t mean to sound trite
But their future is so bright.
They’re preparing to take flight.
In love and joy, we all unite.

F         G        Amin        G  (X4)
My "experience" is making my clothes too tight.
My experience has made my beard turn white.
But my experience has made my spirit light.
And my experience says we're doing something right.

Verse 3:
Some call us troglodyte;
But that just might be spite,
Cuz that would be a blight
On our sweet delight.

Verse 4:
We seek passion’s height
By both day and night.
Studies we could cite
To show we’re outta sight.


Ride (to verse form X2)

Verse 5:
An anchored sailboat at The Bight
Or TT racing on the Isle of Wight,
We pursue our own delight,
Whichever kind seems right.

Verse 6:
We don’t wanna fight
If you act like the Black Knight.
We’ll just seek our own sight
And now I have no more to write.




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