Sunday, June 14, 2015

K+10 atemporal flashback

We're going thorough our stuff, preparing to go RVing for "a while" starting in the first week of July. Digging into the back of one of my drawers, I found my 2005 season pass to Splashtown in Houston (technically in Spring, TX), dated 09/04/05. Memories of the surreal experience of evacuating New Orleans and watching the destruction on tv, while living the sweet suburban life in Spring (just outside of Houston) at my brother's house, barbecuing steaks, going waterskiing, shopping at the upscale shopping center, and, of course, visiting the waterpark. We bought season passes cuz the cost was the same as 2 individual day trips. We figured we'd visit at least that many times.

While New Orleans rotted into a third-world cesspool, literally, with the detritus and effluent left after the water retreated.

I'll talk more about that when I get to that timeframe in this narrative. Thanks for putting up with us, Chuck and family. It was a heavenly haven.

Splashtown today

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