Monday, July 13, 2015

K+10 July Overview

K+10 July overview
So, there I was, settled into the boatyard/marina with the ZP and my leg-length to-do list. In the evenings, I could retreat to Judy and Gary’s house for an idyllic, long shower and usually a perfect New Orleans meal prepared by Judy, who is a fabulous cook, followed by some tv or a fun novel then a good night’s sleep in a good bed in an airconditioned room. That was a wonderful boon for me. Having been in the Northwest for decades, I was NOT acclimated to New Orleans in the Summer and working on the exterior chores on the boat was sweltering and debilitating.

 Interior work was somewhat better because ZP had airconditioning. The tradeoff was that many of the interior jobs were nasty. For example, redoing all the plumbing for the head. Working on other peoples’ quarter-of-a-century-old shit is *not* something that brings me joy. The results – yes. The work – no.
The days I worked on the head, I seriously went back “home” and had Judy pour betadine over my hands and forearms.

 'nuff said,

So, as to my to-do list, there were a couple of biggies. Interior needed a new stove/oven. To go along with that, I wanted to build a good, safe propane storage area in the deep stern lazarette and, of course, then plumb the two together. In the other half of that big laz, I planned to install a generator, so I had a lot of things to do associated with that effort. To separate the laz and make the propane area safe was gonna involve some significant fiberglass work. In the deep laz. In the New Orleans Summer. I was not looking forward to that.
And then there was the whole separate issue of engine work needed. Not excited about that, either.

Other general tasks on the list were things like resealing all the ports and hatches, cleaning the galley of accumulated grime, and buying a dinghy and motor.

 On the good side of potential chores, the sale deal included a working fridge and it turned out that the existing fridge was dead. So, the dealer installed a new, high-quality fridge included in the purchase price. I appreciated that and not having to do that work myself.

Meanwhile, at home, Ronnie and the girls were prepping the house for our housesitter and choosing what to bring to New Orleans in the van for our cruise. What the van could hold was our determining factor for what we could take. I thought that was a pretty good yardstick. We intended July to be dedicated to me getting the ZP prepped and them getting the house prepped. At the beginning of August, they’d turn the house over to the sitter and drive down to NOLA. Hopefully, by that time, I’d have most, if not all, of the big stuff done.



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