Sunday, July 12, 2015

Roadtrip: Day 000

Roadtrip: Departure Day 7/8/15


Yes! Closed up the trailer, loaded the van, hitched up, and pulled it all out onto the street. Departure imminent. Last things in the van were Ronnie, me, and Rigby. We’re gonna try to travel with her. We’ll see how it goes. If she settles in, we’ll go for it. If she’s having a terrible time after our shakedown camp, we’ll take her back home.


We drove over Highway 2, Stevens Pass, to Leavenworth, then turned up Icicle Creek Road and finally to Ida Creek Campground. There’s no one else here and we have a primo site, right by the water. Got basically set up in the heat, good enough for first night! Lots to organize better – tomorrow. Dinner of new potatoes and corn on the cob from our 2-burned interior stove, with pork chops on the gas BBQ attached to the outside of the trailer in our screen room. Enough for today. That is, as soon as we make our bed. When the sun went down, it became decently cool, especially with that evening wind down the river canyon,


This is a lovely spot to do our shakedown camp. Pleasant to just hang out by the river under the trees and then a million beautiful hikes with trailheads along this road when we’re in the mood for that.


Enough for now. Early bedtime tonight. More tomorrow.

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