Monday, July 13, 2015

Roadtrip: Day 005

Roadtrip: Day 005

A lovely, full night’s sleep and Rigby stayed in bed with us most of the night. Vast improvement in her comfort level. Rosy-fingered dawn was a while ago and now at 9:30 we’re having breakfast. Apple turnovers and hot tea, sugar and lemon in mine, thanks.

Thinking about making today an official lazy day. We’ll see how we feel after breakfast.

Last night I ate a Granny Smith apple but didn’t finish it. I cut up the leftover apple into small chuncks and put it on our picnic table for the chipmunks. Have I failed to mention the chipmunks? A veritable herd of them scurrying about in Babylonian frenzy. They sometimes manage to sneak into our tentroom and are very noisy as they scrabble around. When we exit the trailer to shoo them out, they scrabble like mad to find the opening they used to get in. Amusing, in the abstract. Sometimes, they’re so noisy, they scare Rigby. Sometimes she stares at them, Hungrily, in my imagination.

I spent a little time after breakfast composing one of my Katrina 10th anniversary posts for the series I’m doing on that.

We took an uphill hike on a small, unmarked trail to what is probably an upper part of Ida Creek. Sweet spot.

Over lunch, we decided to return Rigby home. So I’m posting from home. We’ll be returning to the campground after a couple of hours here. Gonna take advantage of laundry and showers as long as we’re here.


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