Friday, July 17, 2015

Roadtrip Day 007

Roadtrip Day 007

Woke early to attack some real-world stuff in town (Leavenworth). Started the day with wifi at Starbucks. After that, we spent an exhausting morning of crapola. To recuperate from that, we had cheap lunch at McDonalds. Picked a bad time –noisy busy. Eventually it calmed down a bit so I could have a phone conversation with Chloe who’s designing a world/planet from scratch. And that “scratch” almost fits the Carl Sagan scratch-apple-pie joke of “first you create the universe.” We talked about stellar formation, accretion disks, the Goldilocks zone, moon(s) vs. no moon(s), especially given the uniqueness of our earth-moon combo as essentially a binary system rather than a planet with a “moon.” Then we managed to drill down to discussing molten core and mantle, plate tectonics, ocean currents, atmospheric currents, and I forget what-all.

Just a casual camping conversation.

News from home, aside from planetary construction, is that Rigby seems happy and content. More on that later. Also, Logan McBroom, unschooler of the girls’ generation, is visiting and staying with the kids. We saw him briefly when we stopped at the house yesterday to drop Rigby off.

After lunch and planet building, we hit the hardware store for a few things, then finally a food trip to Safeway. Back to our campsite with a stop along the way to check out details of some of the many hikes which have trailheads along Icicle Creek Road. Hot, hot, hot in town but still refreshing this far up the canyon. Nice to get back to camp.

Back at camp, we put away groceries and sundries and powered up the generator to charge all our electrical devices, including keeping the trailer battery topped up. Sitting at the table now on my charging laptop composing this before we sit with the atlas and decide when and where to go next.

Thinking about my kenshi at kendo tonight. Have fun, y’all. Maybe I’ll put on my bogu and do some practice swings and drills.


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