Friday, July 17, 2015

Roadtrip Day 008

Roadtrip Day 008

8:00 am breakfast. It’s supposed to be cold(er) tonight. Last night was warmer than usual, although still cool and refreshing. The moonless sky has been so deeply black I don’t even resent having to get up to pee. Mostly. I stand there watering the bushes and look up at the blazing multicolored jewels of the stars and feel magnificent. And sleepy and chilly but my cozy bed and warm wife are waiting, saving my place.

Writing that reminds me that my legionaries are not in the same nighttime boat that I am; they’re thinking they’re destined to go sailing in Charon’s boat to eternal night. They are currently (in my writing) about to be attacked by the night creatures, which tested them the night before, which may (or may not) be vampires or something very like those fearsome nightstalkers. Preparing to meet the creatures’ attack, the legionaries are emptying their bladders to be ready to fight, but at least one of them is too scared to even pee. Bwahahaha! Poor bastards. We’ll see how they fare against possibly preternatural foes when I get back to writing later. Luckily for the legionaries, they’re in a cavern 40 feet above the ground with an opening only wide enough for two people, so the creatures will be restricted in their ability to attack. I’m conceptualizing an exciting fight scene which my friends in the Facebook Writers’ Group should appreciate. (wink)

I’m still writing NaNoWriMo style, i.e. just get it written without thinking too much, no editing, no going back. It’s good for making me move along, but when I go back to a previous chapter to check on an event or character, I always want to rewrite *that* paragraph or change *that* adjective. Maybe if I actually finish the thing, there’ll be an editing pass. Or two.

We’re planning to hike the Chatter Creek Trail today after breakfast. More on that after we do it.

Rigby news from yesterday was good, so we’ve pretty much decided that she is truly happier at home and we’re preparing to move on without her. We mildly decided to stay here through Saturday night then on Sunday head up to the Colville area for a bit before pressing on to Glacier NP, maybe Waterton, then Glacier. We like Canada. I’ve never been to Waterton.

Back from the Chatter Creek Trail. Had lunch at a wonderful water staircase. It wasn’t really a “fall”. The first part of the trail is a moderate grade but after the water staircase, it gets steeper. Phew. Met three older men and their dog, Finnegan, hiking. Finnegan belonged to Frank, an Irishman. We had a little chat about Ireland, and he said he used to play rugby with a tough lad from Achill Island, home of some of my Irish ancestors. Cool.

Some afternoon housekeeping-type chores and a little generator time to charge our electronics and support my writing – and Ronnie’s! – as we move into the deep afternoon. We’re glad we decide to buy the genny, a 2kW Yamaha. It’s very quiet and parsimonious on gas and easily supplies all our electrical needs.

I was going to stop this post there but dinner was so tasty I gotta add it to the narrative. Delicious New York steak on the BBQ, Basmati rice, perfect corn on the cob, and a nice mixed salad. Yum! Now I need a digestion nap before bedtime.


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