Sunday, July 19, 2015

Roadtrip Day 009

We declared today a “make and mend” day. We had two significant tasks facing us as well as the usual assortment of ordinary stuff. One was to repair/replace the velcro for the skirt to our screenroom to complete its lower perimeter on the trailer side. Some was coming unglued and some of the skirt was just funky. We needed to fiddle with it to get it all sorted out and attach some new velcro strips to the damaged portions. As it turned out, that took a little time and it may be creative rather than exactly how it was designed but it’s functional.

The scarier task was our onboard water tank. We filled it at home but it leaked completely dry by the next time we checked. We dedicated some time to investigate how and why it was leaking and see if it might be an easy/moderate fix or if we needed to buy and install a replacement tank or assorted tubing, pumps, and whatnot. Carefully adding some water to the tank, we saw no leakage. We added some more. No leakage. Some more. No leakage. There was enough in there to flow to the pump so I activated it. There ya go. A leak at the attachment point from the tank to the waterpump.

Diagnosis complete. Now howzabout repair? Why is that coupling leaking? I got my near-vision glasses out of my bag and eyeballed the assembly. Was it merely a disconnected connection? Yes, it seemed to be so. I corrected that and we tried the pump again. No leaking. W00t! More water in the tank and definitely no leaks from the tank itself. Open the faucet at the sink and let that pump work. Yep. Nice flow of water with no leak from the previously-failed connector. Ha!


Houston, we have pressurized water. No tiger-teams necessary; we fixed it ourselves.

Finished some other minor stuff then we ambled to the river for some nature and cool (COLD!) water fun. Back from the river to have a delicious glass of cold Ovaltine and finish a novel I had on my kindle. Easing into the evening writing this blogpost.

Got my legionaries to the point where they’re facing their second night attack by the mysterious creatures. Creatures are at the cavern mouth and about to attack. So now I’ll sleep and work out the fight specifics tomorrow.

Planning to hike to Eight-mile Lake tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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