Sunday, July 19, 2015

Roadtrip Day 010

Most of the campgrounds along Icicle Creek Road mention that there is a two-car limit per campsite. There are group campsites available for larger groups. A sufficiency of them, IMO. Nonetheless, on Friday evening the campsite next to us started piling up cars as the afternoon wore into evening. At least a half-dozen by dark. Multi-generational loud and drunk. Loud and drunk waaaaaay past midnight, when it is *definitely* a rule for quiet from 10pm to 8am. Possibly the rudest group I’ve ever camped next to. College kids playing loud dance music would have been less annoying.

Fuckers. It’s now 9pm on Saturday and they’re all in town. Probably drinking. Gosh!, I can’t wait until they get back to camp after a big Saturday night in Leavenworth.

Fuckers. We did not sleep well.

On the good news side of today, we planned and did the Eight-mile Lake trail. The road to the trailhead is absolute shit for most of its length, so we crawled up at low speed. At the trailhead we signed in and started up. The actual trail is only about 6.6 miles roundtrip, not a full 8. We were happy to cross one nice SHADED stream on the way up and a smaller lake beyond that but before Eight-mile Lake itself. Those were nice rest stops.

Eight-mile Lake itself is very lovely, if a bit buggy. We were delighted to make it all the way there and we sat and had a lovely lunch. Ronnie, native that she is, got in the lake – a bit. Eventually, we started back down.

On the way up, Ronnie had carried our daypack and I carried the camelback. On the way down, we switched. The afternoon sun was blazing and, while uphill is more tiring, downhill is harder on my knees. After about a mile, Ronnie took the daypack from me.

Thank you, baby!

We took several rests on the way back, one especially nice one at the shaded stream, where I stretched out fully on a log and had a fully-prone rest for a full ten minutes. Heaven. After that, we rolled on back to the trailhead and parking lot. Phew.

Honestly, that hike was just a bit too much for us, given our relative condition and conditioning. But it was very beautiful. Five miles would have been ok. The extra mile and a half in the heat pushed it beyond our comfort zone. But it was beautiful. (grin)

We ran the airconditioner in the car all the way back to our campsite. It felt like paradise. Back at camp, we lumbered down to the river and soaked our feet and knees in the cold water and washed much of the trail dirt off the rest of our weary bodies. After that, we rested. Significantly.

Eventually, we roused sufficiently to boil some potatoes and BBQ some pork chops. Ate that, put away the leftovers, and now I’m writing this. Too tired to work on my legionary novel. Bed as soon as I’m done with this post.

Done. (wink)

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