Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roadtrip Day 013

Roadtrip Day 013

7/21 Tuesday

Gillette Campground evokes Bob Dylan’s line “workin’ in the great North Woods for a spell.” Deep and quiet, lots of space between individual trees. Much sparser than our dense Cascade forests. We needn’t have feared being too hot last night. It chilled down enough to make us want a second quilt. Brrrr. Nice, compared to the heat of the day but waking up freezing in the dark is unpleasant. We covered up and snuggled up and made it back to sleep.

It’s now almost ten. We had a lazy wakeup of tea and sweet rolls, sitting outside in our camp chairs in the embrace of the forest. The night chill is gone and it’s perfect in shorts and a T-shirt. This campground is sparsely occupied. Our nearest neighbors are a couple of spaces over – about 50 yards – a happy young family with two small girls who seem to be natural explorers. They’re here with their boat and watertoys for some big lake fun.

Our plan (always subject to change, aka whim) is to leave tomorrow and head to Glacier National Park to find camping on the West side and stay a while, exploring the park by car and foot, lotsa great hikes at Glacier. Either that or we’ll head North and enter Canada. Then, we’ll cruise to the Canadian version of that Park, Waterton, and from Waterton, come down to Glacier on its East side. Both plans sound pleasant. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, it’s a planned quiet day here. I intend to work on and complete the current fight scene for my legionaries and their mysterious attackers. Damn! I hope all the legionaries survive this battle. There are so few of them already. (grin)

Sweet. As we sat here typing, me drinking a nice glass of cold Ovaltine, two deer came down from the hills behind us and started grazing not 50 yards from our campsite. Spotted coats, so young(?) to my deer-ignorant perception. No bears seen, however, despite the strident warnings around the campsite about bear-proofing EVERYTHING.

Our campsite at Ida Creek featured the beautiful white noise of the river. It was a constant background. Here at Gillette, it’s the silence which is notable. The other campers have headed to the lake and Ronnie and I are left here in the very quiet woods.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update when we all find out what Ronnie and Frank are doing. Maybe the legionaries, too. That is, we’ll find out what the legionaries are doing, not that they’ll find out what Ronnie and Frank are doing. I mean, c’mon!, they’re fictional characters. (wink)

Noon update. The deer were indeed fawns. Their mom just showed up and they’re both nursing. Sweet.

We took a little hike at dusk and saw a single white-tail deer as we started and a pair on the way back. Lovely. We’re settling down now. Dinner and some prep for a morning departure tomorrow. Significantly quiet with only the campground host in residence here besides us.


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  1. I'm trying to imagine you drinking tea on purpose ;). Steph the Unknown