Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roadtrip Day 014

Roadtrip Day 014

We woke and broke camp to head for Glacier. A full day of driving but it was all scenic highway and beautiful vistas. As we progressed into the day, we lost an hour changing time zones and we heard that Glacier had a big fire on the East side and that the beautiful Going-to-the-Sun Road was closed.

Well, damn.

We went all the way up to the park entrance anyway, hoping for better news and maybe an open campsite since there are several campgrounds on the West side which was still open. No such luck. All campgrounds full and the road definitely closed beyond a certain point. Ok, time to backtrack to Hwy. 2 and find ourselves a spot at one of several campgrounds along Hungry Horse Reservoir just a few miles West of Glacier. Narrow, wiggly road. Impressive dam. Miles in and the first campground is full. More miles and so is the second. A third is supposed to be bigger. More miles – it’s closed. MORE miles and we arrived at the Lid Creek campground. At the entrance, the host asks, “Reservations?”


“No,” we admit.

“I have ONE spot…”

“We’ll take it!” we interrupted.

So here we are at Lid Creek campground wayyyyyy up the Hungry Horse Reservoir; but we have a spot and we’re settled in. W00t! We can review our Glacier N.P. info and decide on maybe a coupla hikes here on the West side and maybe in a coupla days, the GttS Road will reopen. Meanwhile, it’s actually quite pretty here. Piney woods and a LARGE lake. Black squirrels. A bit of a moon tonight, too.

On the literary(ish) side of things, after 3K words describing the action, my legionaries have fended off the first attack of the night creatures without serious injuries; but now they’re about to face the second attack, which will be more intense and sophisticated. I’m worried for them.

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