Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roadtrip Day 017

Roadtrip Day 017

7/25 Saturday

Overcast today. An interesting change. Tea for two then into the car to see what we can see/do at Glacier and accomplish some “town” tasks – wifi, grocery, etc.

Well, today turned out to be busy and interesting. Occasional rain showers kept things cool. When we got to Glacier there were openings at a couple of campgrounds; so we took advantage of that and found a sport at Avalanche campground. Rain and fire were good for us, in some ways. Of course, that necessitated breaking camp where we were, hitching up, driving to Glacier, and setting up. But we are now settled in Glacier itself. We sneaked in a grocery trip during that rigamarole (makin’ groceries for my Noo Awlins folks) and once we got settled at Glacier, we had some tasty top sirloins from the grill with pasta and sautéed mushrooms. Capped the day off right.

Tomorrow, we can start hitting some of the lovely hikes here on the West side, and simply return to our lovely in-Glacier campsite. Just driving from the entrance to the campsite was lovely, with striking vistas. Looking forward to spending some hiking and exploring time here.

Maybe I’ll get some inspiration for things for my legionaries to do/face/experience.

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