Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roadtrip Day 018

Roadtrip Day 018

7/26 Sunday

We woke, prepped, and hit the trail to Avalanche Lake, 4 miles roundtrip and elevation gain of about 500 ft. After some rain during the night, the day started out overcast and even spit on us a little as we hiked. Very beautiful, scenic hike. Climbing up along the river with craggy escarpments and peaks in the distance and deep, lovely woods around us.

Busy trail. Lots and lots of folks on it. We made it to the lake and went all the way to the head. Cold wind there blowing at us unobstructed across the lake. On the way down, Ronnie and I got separated, which made for a confusing time before we met up again finally at the trailhead.

Lunch and a rest after that.

An hour of generator time to recharge electronics and now I’m composing this before we have some supper.

Gonna sleep well tonight.

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