Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roadtrip Day 019

Roadtrip Day 019

7/27 Monday

The morning started with a pinecone bombardment by a busy squirrel who dropped a bunch on and around us in the early morning. Amusing after finding out what it was, odd and disturbing until we did. Thump. Thump, thump. Thumpittythump. What?

Monday is wash day, so we went to the Hungry Horse Laundrymat [sic] and cleaned everything, including sheets. Fresh sheets tonight! We also started the day by washing ourselves in our jury-rigged sit-bath with hot water from the stove. It ain’t the Jacuzzi tub but it’s infinitely better than being dirty. It should also be red beans and rice day, but, sadly, that ain’t gonna happen. It’s midday now and we’re at the Glacier Visitors’ Center seeking some wifi and internet service. Gonna get online and check in with the world. And upload some posts.

No net connection, of course. Bah, humbug, We’ll hang around a while and see what happens. Maybe they’ll get it cleared up soon. Had some rain off and on travelling between Glacier and Hungry Horse and back.

Sated my lunchtime hunger with a sandwich of top sirloin and sharp cheddar. Thought about the Tim’s jalapeno chips but decided against. Sammie was sufficient, going down with a nice, cold Coke.

Hiked the short loop trial “Trail of the Cedars” for a peaceful, sweet little stroll among majestic growths. Settling into the early evening now with some generator time to charge electronics.

It stayed cool all day and kept chilling down, so in the evening we started our propane heater. Very nice. Cozy in a flash. Decided on boneless pan-fried pork chops, buttery rice, and salad for dinner and that hit the spot. Now, with dishes done, sitting here updating this, it’s raining significantly while I have a coupla wafer cookies for dessert. Wow! Rain increasing to serious. I like the sound of it beating on our roof. We’re nice and dry.. I feel bad for the tent campers.

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