Sunday, July 12, 2015

Roadtrip: Day001

Roadtrip: Day 1

It cooled down nicely during the night, which was a welcome thing. Rigby was talking and patrolling all night which was not so welcome. We breakfasted individually and spent the morning getting settled. Ronnie organized and rearranged much of the stuff which had just been put in the car somewhat randomly. As it heated up, we abandoned that to go wade in the river. Brrrr! That’ll cool ya down.


Sitting here now having lunch and uploading a few photos from my GoPro. More later.


We took a ride to Leavenworth in the throat of the afternoon. Airconditioned car ride was nice. Got ice and icecream treats. Coming back we rode a bit farther down the unpaved road to and past several places which live brightly in our memories. We’ve had a lot of lovely trips up this way.


Chatter Creek Campground, where we’ve stayed many times. So many sweet memories.


Our favorite “practice rock” where the girls learned to rock climb and where we’ve taken many visitors for their first attempt on live rock.


The 160-foot-or-so vertical face that Bob and I attempted when he came to visit for our mutual 40th birthday celebration. Neither of us made it but it was fun to try. Lots of great rock climbing along this way.


Many trailheads to beautiful alpine locations down this road. It’s a swell area.


Because we left yesterday (Wednesday), I missed kendo, although I did go to iaido on Monday. I brought all my gear for both, so I can practice when the mood strikes me. Not today. Still recuperating from the hectic pace of yesterday and the settling in and heat of today. We also brought a guitar, so we can play some music.


After a cocktail hour of tequila in blueberry lemonade, we finished off the last of the new potatoes with carrots and steak. Now it’s zen time.

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