Sunday, July 12, 2015

Roadtrip: Day002

Roadtrip: Day 2

Perfect night and a better sleep than the previous night. Ronnie took an early hike with Rigby while I slept. When I got up we had breakfast, then took a family hike. Rigby the trail cat. But she’s still terribly uncomfortable/unhappy in the trailer and screenroom at the campground. Gotta see how that goes.


After our fears about the expected temperatures in the Leavenworth area, it has been pleasant. Definitely got hot yesterday as the day progressed but the nights have been cool. Today it’s midday and the overcast has kept it cool enough that I want a T-shirt. Yesterday I was only too happy to wear shorts and a smile.


As the afternoon progresses toward evening, the campground is filling up. Looks like we might be full for the weekend.

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