Sunday, July 12, 2015

Roadtrip: Day004

Roadtrip: Day 004

The cold front from the last couple of days got pushed out by warmer stuff in the middle of the night. Ronnie and I both woke and threw off the covers we had desperately desired at bedtime. Sunny and beautiful but still not too hot now at 11:00 am. Rigby had a better night, even sleeping with us and demanding long periods of scratches and rubbing. We’ll see.


Full campground is mostly packing and heading home, leaving us with a more quiet environment. Ah, but newbies are arriving. Oh well…


Hiked the Chatter Creek Trail. It is a beautiful area, crossing the river at a wild and pristine spot. We went about 10 miles in kitty miles, about 100 yards in ranger miles and probably one mile in actual mileage. Very pretty.


Now, lunch and a rest.

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