Saturday, July 04, 2015

Roadtrip: Getting started

So, for the next few months I'm gonna maintain two separate threads on this blog. One is my Katrina-plus-10 (K+10 *) which is memories of events around Hurricane Katrina on the tenth anniversary of that event. The other will be this "Roadtrip: *" chronicling our tripping the light fantastic randomly around the country.

We've been prepping the house and our tent trailer for our planned departure of July 7. We might even make that. Sometime soon, anyway, we'll be hitting the road, just the two of us as a couple, while the girls stay in the house and finish their senior years at University of Washington. The way temps have been around the Northwest lately, we're thinking we're gonna start by heading over to Olympic National Park. It's significantly cooler on the peninsula and at the ocean beaches.

More reports as they happen. Stay tuned.

Tent trailer open with attached screen room.


  1. So exciting and yet..... Mac is semi retired and soon almost-fully-retired, and he has talked a lot about doing six months or a year travelling around New Zealand. I can see the appeal, and yet I know that deep down - well, not all that deep actually - I am finally pretty much content with where I am now. And I really miss my home when I go away. And I miss my people when I go away. And there's so much to do here all the time, that affects how things will be when we come back - we live on a small block of land and grow stuff and have animals and I have become so very attached to all that. I think all I want is to adventure vicariously! So I look forward to following your adventures via blog, and Ronnie's too. Go well, have fun. :)

    1. I understand being content but Ronnie and I both have a bad case of wanderlust and we're excited to travel, and hike, and have new adventures.