Sunday, July 05, 2015

Roadtrip: Sunday prep

Today I organized and prepared our road-worthy toolkit and firstaidkit. I have my travel wardrobe packed and readily accessible in a plastic drawer thingybobber. I have my cold-weather clothes stored in my backpack and some work-on-the-car-or-trailer clothes in yet another bag. We have yet to decide whether we'll leave or remove the captain's chairs in the middle of the van. Maybe keep one?

So we're pretty close to ready. We have a travelling wardrobe each, a low-access (hopefully!) cold-weather wardrobe, daypacks for hiking, a big drybag, camelbacks, new hiking boots (my first new pair in a LONG time!), a variety of hats, magical cool-off neckcloths, Gore-Tex gaiters, etc. ad nauseum.

We have two propane tanks, two deep-cycle batteries, and a Yamaha 2kW generator for when we need POWER! Portapotty and sunshower for when we're not at a campground with facilities.

And, of course, a full spectrum of electronics. How else would I pen these missives, Dear Reader? Or work on my novel, which I intend to do. Look for my name on the best-seller list soon. Or maybe at least on the self-published-crap list.

The Yammie

My personal mockup of a potential cover for my novel


  1. Yay! So glad your novel is hitting the road with you!

  2. Thanks, Kelly. We've been busy prepping but I've thought of an epilogue to add and a sexual encounter for our centurion (in a flashback/memory) which was the reason he's "exiled" to the East. Gotta have some sex to make it sell, huh? (wink)

    I'm pretty ready to do some writing.