Saturday, August 22, 2015

K+10 August Arrival

I had spent all of July on my own, working on the ZP. In the beginning of August, Ronnie and he girls arrived, accompanied by Grandma Mary who helped with the driving. It was the first time Ronnie and Chloe (and Mary) had actually seen the boat. I’d been working on “systems” all during July and hadn’t spent any effort on overall condition in the interior. The gang soon disabused me of my slovenly ways. They began cleaning and organizing the ZP.

With the arrival of the family, we moved me out of Judy’s and moved aboard the ZP as a family. We put Mary on a plane back to civilization. Bye! and Thanks!

With the boat clean and ready for occupancy, we started moving stuff from the minivan onto the ZP. Our original plan (modified by Katrina, as was everything) was that Bob would crew with me down to the Keys while Ronnie and the girls drove down there. Then Bob would drive the car back and park it on his property while we cruised. The Gulf of Mexico can be terrible and we wanted to spare the girls (and prone-to-seasickness Ronnie) that experience.

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