Tuesday, August 25, 2015

K+10 August The Grave Tender

From the moment I arrived in New Orleans in June, I’d been looking for a used dinghy. I could have bought any number of worthless, crapped-out dinks but I wanted a good one and those weren’t being sold. Ultimately, we decided to buy new.

Paying full, new price was painful but that way we were getting what we wanted. Bought a RIB and a 4-stroke 9.9HP motor. Uninflated, the dink fit into an easy-to-carry flat-ish case. I installed a motor mount on the stern pulpit to hold the motor and we created a space on the foredeck to stow the dink in its uninflated form in its protective carrycase. With a power inflator, it fattened up quickly and we could drop it over the side, walk it back to the stern, and hand down and attach the motor. Poof! Ready to go!

Names are always the big trick. Because we were the Zombie Princess, we needed an appropriate name for our dinghy. Since an ancillary craft is variously called a dinghy, dink, tender, et al., we settled on calling the new dink the Grave Tender. Perfect.

B y this time, we were moving into the fourth week of August; and, with the addition of the dink, we were pretty much prepped to go. The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley. Katrina had other plans for us.

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