Saturday, August 22, 2015

K+10 July Generator

The other side of the lazarette from the propane locker was destined to become the home of our generator. After doing all the fiberglass work (Ack!) to seal that space up, except for input vents in the stern and an exhaust port, also in the stern, plus the electrical connections needed to feed the ZPs electrical system, I bought a (relatively) cheap 5.5kW generator from Home Depot. I stripped off all the framework and ancillary crap until I had just the generator itself. It fit through the laz lid (barely) with some help from my friend Bob. Heavy sunnavabitch to maneuver into such a small space; but it did fit. I drilled holes to secure the feet from below to keep it in place and juryrigged a setup to feed it from an external fuel tank which was attached to the stern pulpit with a pivot to flip it down out of the way most of the time or up when feeding the genny.

I wrapped and secured the exhaust to try to keep it as quiet as possible but those cheap gennys are just loud. Happily, we weren't gonna use it a lot, just occasionally to top off our deep-cycle house batteries, although, if we were willing to spend the money for gas, it could power our airconditioner, if needed or desired.

It was heavy, painful work but infinitely cheaper than paying for a marine-approved genny, installed by a boatyard. And it worked like a champ.

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