Saturday, August 22, 2015

K+10 July Head

Who doesn’t love working on 20+ years worth of other peoples shit?

The head setup on the ZP when we bought her was illegal. And old and tired. I wanted to refurbish it to modern, legal standards. So I started taking apart old boat plumbing.

The good thing about that was that it was an inside-the-boat task, which meant that I was working in the airconditioning instead of outside in the 95-degrees-plus-99-percent-humidity on the deck. Everything else about it was, as you’d expect, nasty. It took me three days. At the end of each day, I’d return to Judy’s house, my headquarters (grin), and have her pour betadine all over my hands and forearms. Then, I’d take a long, hot shower.

I needed a decent toilet (new) and all the complex plumbing to send the output of the toilet to the holding tank or directly overboard. Holding tank use was required in most U.S. waters. The boat had a holding tank but the previous owner had the boat plumbed so that it only and always went to direct overboard discharge.

To change (fix) that, I needed a bunch of new plumbing hoses and valves. Buying things in the airconditioned store was by far the best part of that job. Removing the old plumbing and installing the new stuff in the cramped conditions of the boat head was significantly unpleasant. Many people just rely on using a pumpout station at a marina to empty their holding tank. We didn’t plan to spend a lot of time at marinas, so I also installed a hand pump in the system which would let us pump out the holding tank ourselves when we were offshore.

Eventually, I got it done. Nice, new plumbing, all legal and functional. Offshore, we could do direct dump. Inshore, we could use the holding tank. Neat, clean, and legal.

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