Saturday, August 01, 2015

Roadtrip Day 020

Roadtrip Day 020

7/28 Tuesday

We started the chilly morning with a blast from the heater, hot tea (sugar and lemon for me, always), and some nice, hot oatmeal. We dressed warmly but packed shorts because the day was supposed to heat up, then headed to the Visitors’ Center seeking the elusive wifi.

Success. Updated this poor blog with posts for days 12-19. Caught up on some email then headed over to hike part of the Lake McDonald Trail. It’s about 6 miles and it’s one way. We figured we’d just go for a while, enjoy the views of the lake then go back.

It did indeed warm up. Shorts and T-shirt for hiking and I shed the T-shirt after a while. Some pretty vistas while hiking through a forest which burned in 2003. Trail confusion had us returning to the Fish Creek Campground instead of the trail head and after walking endlessly through that huge campground finally got directed back to the trail we needed and made it back to the car. Hooray!

We remembered some online stuff we forgot to do when we were at the Center earlier, so we stopped to take care of that before returning to our camp. After the online effort we decided to hit the post office just outside the actual park entrance before returning to camp, so we headed out there. Ronnie did some postal stuff while I decided I needed ice cream. She found that agreeable so we stopped at the place near the post office and had some tasty, cold ice cream to offset the hot sunshine. Except that it was quite airconditioned in the place and that plus ice cream equaled chilly Ronnie and Frank.

Returning to the warm car was almost as nice as getting ice cream.

Back at camp now, creating this post while having a late afternoon snack. Generator time in a bit to recharge all our electronics plus the trailer battery. Quiet night for us after that and after some dinner. Once we’re settled for the night, I’ll be sending a couple of the legionaries on a “lurp” (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol). It’s dangerous, alien territory out there. They’d better be careful.

Oh, something I haven’t touched on – expenses. Ronnie is keeping a pretty rigorous accounting but, generally, I have an America-the-Beautiful Pass, aka old people discount card. We get into parks for free and camping is half price. So here at Glacier National Park, we are paying the exorbitant price of $10/night. For comparison, the National Forest campground at Hungry Horse was $6/night. $10 is our top-of-the-line cost.

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