Saturday, August 01, 2015

Roadtrip Day 021

Roadtrip Day 021

7/29 Wednesday

I woke slowly while Ronnie got up and got us breakfast. Then we did the usual (and required) bear-proofing, gathered up our day-tripping gear bags, and headed out to hit the trail to/around Johnny Lake.

I started the morning in jeans, thermal shirt, and watchcap. When we got to the trailhead, I traded the jeans for shorts but stayed with the shirt and watchcap, although I had a hopeful T-shirt and light cap in the daypack.

We had to give way at the beginning of the trail to a horse group. Horses have right-of-way. We followed them up the trail, dodging fresh horse apples all the way. At the juncture of several trail possibilities, we apparently chose the wrong one for Johnny Lake and would up a coupla miles down at the McDonald paddock. So we turned around and retraced our steps, finding a different, higher trail back, which got us a bit farther away from road noise.

Somewhere along in there, I shed my thermal shirt and watchcap for my T-shirt and no hat under the dense canopy of the forest.

Back to a decision-point, we chose to follow the loop which went under the road, then onto a bridge across the river, and finally down along the river. It was very beautiful. We took a lovely lunch break on a small bluff overlooking a series of rapids. Lunch over, we continued downriver, enjoying the beauty, until we returned to the area where our car was parked at the trailhead.

Never did see (Little Dirty) Johnny Lake but I liked our substitute very much.

Back at the campsite, we sat and snacked for a while, then I elected to have a nap.


Now it’s generator and blog update time. I think I covered the highlights. GttS Road is still closed but the weather is supposed to be warming. That’d be nice. The rain was an amusing change but it was chilly enough that we ran the heater. That ain’t Summer camping. Sunny and nice for most of our hike today, although we were mostly in the gentle shade of the deep forest, which was perfect. Sunny now at 5:30 pm, sitting at the table in our tent trailer, typing this missive on my charging laptop.

I’ve been using a lot of battery power, writing these blog posts and, moreso, paragraph after paragraph of my Roman legion story. I broke 40K words last night. I just might actually finish the thing. That’d be something. I’m shooting for a story of 80K words at least and I think I’d prefer to hit 100K. We’ll see. When I start writing later, the legionaries will be bedded down for their third night in the cavern above the battlefield and they’re anticipating yet another attack by the preternatural night creatures. Eek!

Ronnie evoked John Cougar Mellenkamp with “Suckin’ on a chilidog outside the Tastee-Freeze” so we just *had* to have “classic camping food” for dinner - chili cheese dogs. Excellent! Tastee, even. Been a while since I did any sword practice. We have a nice level, open spot in our campsite beyond the tent trailer so I might do a little iaido and kendo tonight.

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