Saturday, August 01, 2015

Roadtrip Day 022

Roadtrip Day 022

7/30 Thursday

After a lazy sleep-in morning and casual breakfast, we opted for a thorough tick check. Ticks have been a scary problem this Summer in a lot of places, so we try to remember to do reasonable checks every day after hiking and more thorough checks on occasion. ”Tick check” might also be a euphemism for some other activities you do naked but Ronnie would be uncomfortable with me saying anything about that.

Lunchtime now and a little generator action because we’re here for midday generator hours when we’d usually be out hiking. GttS Road is still closed but we’ve decided to somewhat pre-pack today for fast departure tomorrow - get up early, close up efficiently, and drive around to… well, somewhere. Maybe as far as the Many Glacier area on the East side of the park, North of the St. Mary entrance. A couple of rangers have said it’s their favorite area and since we can’t do the GttS Road, it could be fun to see some sights and do some hiking over there. It’s a nice area to begin with, it keeps us here if they do happen to reopen the GttS Road, and it puts us in a great position to strike into the Canadian park, less than 50 miles up the road from Many Glaciers.

Warm and sunny today. A definite change from our Northwest-like grey, chilly, rainy past few days. I’m sitting here typing in shorts only, a far cry from my down booties, longjohn bottoms, down pullover, and knit watchcap typing outfit of the past coupla evenings. We have the tent trailer wide open, with all the covers unzipped from the screen areas. I’m breathing warm, foresty smells from the little copse of trees two feet from my typing station at the dinette.

Speaking of which, the denizen of said copse, our white supremacist, society-hating, libertarian, terrorist bomber squirrel, has not pelted us recently. Ronnie saw a dead squirrel in the road yesterday and it’s possible that he is no longer with us. Maybe some vehicle ignored his don’t-tread-on-me philosophy and put their tire tread(s) full on him. Irony. Tire iron-y? Hahahaha! I amuse myself. It’s ok because I contain multitudes. Or something like that.

‘nuff for now. More later.

We spent an idyllic afternoon in camp then strolled around the Grove of the Cedars area, enjoying the small things of nature, rather than the huge, impressive vistas of most of our hikes. The ferns surrounding the majestic tree boles, the bright green moss carpet on the harsh, craggy rock, sometimes wet with seep to nurture the ferns below. We lazily decided to settle in here for one more day and implement today’s plan tomorrow.

Sultry, warm evening. I like it.


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