Saturday, August 01, 2015

Roadtrip Day 023

Roadtrip Day 023
7/31 Friday
Ronnie woke at oh-dark-thirty in the mood to hike. I was in the mood to sleep, so we both did what we were in the mood for. When I felt like getting up it was about 9:30 and turning into a lovely day. I had tea and a raspberry-filled powdered donut, put on some shorts, opened up the trailer to the elements, and walked down to pay for one more night.
A neighboring camper said that he heard that the GttS Road was open, so I walked out to the end of the campground to query the ranger. Sure enough, they were just opening the barricade across the road and starting a long line of waiting vehicles up the pass. The road is only open to Logan Pass, not beyond; but IMO the best scenery is the stuff on the West side so that’s fine. In a matter of perfect timing, Ronnie had just returned from her hike when I got back to the trailer and we shared this exciting news.
She shared her hike with me and that was fabulous, too. Starting that early, she had the trail to herself going up and got some beautiful sunrise-over-the-peaks photos. She also had a cute squirrel visit and followed a deer for a while along the trail at pretty close range. Sounds wonderful.
It’s lunchtime now and we’re gonna get ourselves ready to take photos and maybe prep for a short hike at the pass, then join the madding crowd on the Going to the Sun Road.
Hooray! I’ll write more this evening after we return.
Ok. We’re back. We got in the car and headed up to Logan Pass on the GttS Road. W00t! Beautiful, scenic (scary road!) vistas, each more lovely than the previous one. Finally made it to the pass and the Visitors’ Center there. We geared up and took the 1.5 mile (one way) “modest” grade hike to Hidden Lake. Fucking Ranger miles and grade. Ack! At that altitude, in the merciless sun, it was pretty damned tiring; but the view of the lake and surrounding mountains was fabulous. Saw a momma goat and her baby and several marmots. They’re not as big and badass as our Cascade marmots but they’re cute anyway. Ronnie also had her morning hike, so it’s a tired evening at the trailer, especially for her. Food and sleep.
My novel is at a place where I need to write a love/sex scene or a battle scene (against the night creatures). I need both, of course, but I can only do one at a time. (grin) I can’t quite find the mood for either one. I’m more likely to be comfortable writing the battle scene, so I think I’ll try to jump into that and see if it takes on a life of its own once I just go ahead and start. 44K words right now. When I complete both scenes, that should add another 6K or so which would bring me to the magic mark of 50K. That would be a milestone for me for sure. Tomorrow. Too pooped tonight.

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