Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Roadtrip Day 024

Roadtrip Day 024

8/1 Saturday

Slept late and woke tired. Our second teapot of water let us know that a tank of propane lasts about 23 days. Switched tanks and now we’ll hafta remember to fill the empty one at some opportune time in the next three weeks.

Our plan today is driving down to the Visitors’ Center for wifi, gas for the car (Running on empty! Yes, everything is a song lyric.), some groceries, and a casual semi-takedown of our camp for an easy and quick takedown and escape tomorrow morning.

Beautiful day today after a night of perfect coolth. Shorts and T-shirt are the uniform of the day.

We started with lunch at the little restaurant in the commercial village just outside the park entrance. Purposely evocative of a fifties roadtrip place. We shared a mushroom cheeseburger and a garden salad. Delicious and a perfect amount of food. And we didn’t have to cook it or clean up afterward. A serving of ice cream polished things off and we were ready for gas and groceries.

Hot, hot, hot outside the canopy of the forest. Got gas, bought a few groceries, then went back into the park to do the wifi thing. No cooler at the Visitors’ Center.

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