Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Roadtrip Day 025

Roadtrip Day 025

8/2 Sunday
So, this morning we said farewell (“Farewell!”) to Glacier West and headed East. We wanted to take a look at a campground right at the Summit of the Continental Divide on Hwy. 2 but it wasn’t very inviting; so we continued on down the road. Headed North on Hwy. 89 to see about the Many Glacier entry to the park. Road construction made this national highway worse than some shitty park service roads for a buncha miles. Ick! Naturally, when we got there, the Many Glacier campground was full We backtracked a bit to a small lake just East of the park entry, Duck Lake, and took a spot at a commercial campground on the lake. Not very “improved” but very private and quiet. We’re right on the lake and getting ready to watch the sunset over then fire-smoke-hazed mountains.

Driving along Hwy. 89, the smoke and the fire site were obvious, just up the valley from St. Mary. We passed a firefighter camp and close to that, a temporary rotorcraft base. Pretty interesting.

We are now East. Different geology, different biology, especially flora. We are also on the Blackfeet Reservation when we’re not on National Park land.

We bought a new, high-tech sunshower from REI to replace our ancient one for this trip and put it to good use this evening. Ahhhhhhh! Dinner was a delightful meal of BBQ chicken breast and rounds of potato sautéed in butter with some finely chopped onion. A little carrot to create a vegetable component and some color and we were happy campers.

Settling in for a quiet evening now. Instead of squirrels bombing up with pinecones and chittering at us, there are cows lowing within earshot. Looks like it’s gonna be a fabulous sunset behind the stark mountain range and through the haze of the smoke from the fire.

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