Friday, August 07, 2015

Roadtrip Day 028

Roadtrip Day 028

8/5 Wednesday

Much of the smoke haze from the fire cleared this morning and we had a magnificent view of the mountains of Glacier NP as we broke camp and headed down the road. Stopped for groceries at the Glacier Family Foods in Browning. Very nice for such a small town. Got some good produce and some brunch at their deli to get us down the road.

We’ve had several LONG stretches of national highways which were totally torn up and pitty, pot-holey gravel for miles and miles and… That’s not pleasant.

We stopped for wifi at Starbucks in Great Falls and updated as of yesterday’s blog(s). More crap road and we’re now camped for the night at Aspen Campground in the Lewis and Clark National Forest. Had some rain showers getting here and set up in a Seattle-style spit. It didn’t last long. Sunny at sunset and with some food and dessert in us, we’ve bear-proofed things and are settled in for the night.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned bear-proofing. (In my head I always sing that to the tune of “Bare-footin’”.) We got pretty expert in this at Glacier because they are sticklers for it. One day there, the people in the campsite next to us got ticketed for leaving their cooler out during the day. So our evening routine includes moving a lotta stuff to the “hard-sided” car and out of our only semi-hard tent trailer. This is true at this campsite too. National Forest and administered by the rangers.

Cost here is $5/night. It brings our average back down cuz we paid $20/night at the Duck Lake place. But we enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness there so much, it was worth it. We are generally meandering South-ish and will be in the Yellowstone area in a while. Meanwhile, the scenery as we roll along is beautiful enough and delightfully varied. It felt very “Great Plains”-ish as we first came out of Glacier but since then we’ve transitioned to more mountainous country again.

It’s all pretty.

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