Friday, August 07, 2015

Roadtrip Day 029

Roadtrip Day 029

8/6 Thursday

We had a nice rain shower last night. It was pleasant to hear it splatting on the hard roof over the middle of the tent trailer and thumping on the fabric roof over our bed in the tent end. Very chilly this morning, which we expect and are prepared for nowadays. I went into this thinking “Summer camping.” I expected to sleep naked with all trailer openings wide open plus a fan on the bed. Instead, we close everything up as night approaches and sleep wrapped in our warmest quilts and/or sleepingbags. It’s very cozy.

Once the sun gets above the mountain peaks to the East, it warms up quickly and by that time we’ve had hot tea and/or hot Ovaltine with something breakfasty to get past the chilly part of the morning. Our plan for today is to refill our watertank here, take a little hike, and do our Camping Three Rs – readin’, restin’, and writin’. I’ll let ya know later how the day actually turned out.

Off for now to do… something.

Stopped at the Ranger Station just up the road for advice and a map. Memorial Falls was recommended, so we tried it. Beautiful. Fascinating mostly-orange quartzite rock covered with varicolored lichen and not just one but two waterfalls. It was a very pretty and interesting hike. I finally remembered that it somewhat reminded me of the Ozarks. More rugged and vertical but it was evocative. I haven’t been to the Ozarks since the 60s, maybe the early 70s.

It wasn’t a terribly long hike, so we headed back up the road to the North Fork Hoover trail. That was a nice stroll along and across and across and across and across (you get the idea) the creek. Gore-Tex boots can’t keep water out when it comes over the top. (grin)

Back at the trailer now about 3ish. Lunch and then some repairs to a coupla things –zippers that need lube (I guess dry zipper sex is pretty awful), a trailer taillight that seems out, etc.

Lovely dinner tonight as we watched the failing light crawl up the mountain to our East while the sun fell below the peak to our West. Tonight, I might write some or maybe I’ll just read and snuggle in for an indulgent night’s sleep.

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