Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roadtrip Day 030

Roadtrip Day 030

8/7 Friday

Cruising Southish. Chose a campsite at Bridger Ridge in the Bridger Mountains, a bit North of Bozeman, just a tad North of Bridger Bowl, well-known ski destination. Cruised into Bozeman for chores: gas, wifi, laundry, etc. Ate a midafternoon linner/dunch at Old Chicago Something or Other. Al fresco dining in perfect weather with a lovely view. Tedious but necessary stuff. Well, food wasn’t tedious; it was a nice interlude.

Looking to hook up with the Burtons at Yellowstone next weekend. It’ll be fun to leverage their expertise of the area and catch up with old friends. Unschoolers rock!

Our campground is at 6400’ and is extravagantly priced at $0.00/night. We’ll probably stay here a coupla nights, so that would make our alltime average… let’s see, as x approaches zero times “big G” and, oh!, better throw in Avogadro’s number, ummmm… pretty fucking cheap.

It’s 8pm now and the sun is already behind the mountains. Twilight is upon us and the temps are dropping like tween girls at a pop concert or the battery life on my laptop.


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