Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roadtrip Day 032

Roadtrip Day 032

8/9 Sunday

Ah, much better. Woke to sunshine and blue skies after a chilly, but at least no longer rainy, night.

After breakfast, we walked up a dirt track past the campground to a very lovely scenic overlook. We could see the peaks of the Bridger Mountains to the West and down into the valley to the North with the forested heights behind us in the East. We discussed relocating our campsite there but the track was pretty awful and would have been questionable for the car and trailer plus we were pretty firm about packing up tomorrow and heading toward Yellowstone; so it seemed like it’d be excessive effort for little reward when we can simply hike back up there this evening and watch the sunset from that viewpoint then walk back to the trailer for a settled evening. That should be beautiful.

We’re still in bear-proofing country and Ronnie told me that when we were at the grocery on the Blackfeet Reservation, she chatted with a man who had two dogs in the bed of his pickup. He apologized that one of them was usually very friendly but was currently a bit excitable because they had just returned from their job – bear chasing. Apparently, when a bear is spotted in a campground, they call this guy and he and his dogs come scare the bear away.

Ok, then. I’d like to know what he puts on his tax forms under “occupation”. Bear scarer? I wonder what his insurance agent tells the actuaries and then I wonder how they calculate their rates for his job. Fascinating.

Anyway, it’s very nice to be back to sunny and beautiful after yesterday’s rain and cold. 


  1. Maybe "dog handler" or "animal control." Interesting job, for sure.

  2. Hi, did I see that you had pneumonia? It's so hard to stay connected when we only get crappy wifi once in a while. If so, get better soon!